Steve Brindle and Paul Cowley

Steve Brindle and Paul Cowley

Steve Brindle and Paul Cowley are founders of the EAM management and consulting services company Advoco.

Advoco’s mission is to deliver leading enterprise asset management solutions that enable clients to achieve more reliable operations. By optimizing business performance through an improved implementation and application of the software, Advoco Infor EAM consultants form a partnership to meet the complex needs of prominent global organizations. Beyond implementation, Advoco also provides services around Infor EAM training, integration, and mobility, among others. Clients include Fortune 500 accounts and top private and public organizations around the world, like PepsiCo and Starbucks.

The result of the partners with whom Advoco cooperate is really important to the company, so a lot of attention is paid to the employees of the company itself. Every new employee sign a promise to be courageous, driven, innovative, honest, confident and knowledgeable. They also enjoy fitness challenges that raise funds for charity, annual wine-making sojourns in Sonoma and paid trips for the whole company to vacation together.


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